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First things first: ‘BGM’ stands for ‘Background Music’.
This expression seems to be an English term only coined in Japan.

The app “bgm” provides an arrangement of 25 sound parts that automatically mixed with impromptu to deliver“a chance of music that goes onforever without repeating any phrase”A magical and puzzling form of background music.

About 100 years ago,
the French composer Erik Satie published
‘Furniture Music’, a
“composition intended to fit as part of the ambiance,“composition intendedto fit as part of the ambiance,much like furniture placed in a room”.At that time, before premiering ‘Furniture Music’ in a concert he begged his audience beforehand to ignore the performance to come.He also conceived ‘Vexations’ (1893), a keyboard work using repeat signs on a single page of music sheet intended to play the same phrase 840 times in succession, which is supposed to take about 20 hours.

bgm was created based upon Satie’s concept 100 years ago.
But playing the same phrase over and over again 840 times would definitely be annoying wouldn’t it?
By arranging some variations and combining
the sounds with the app’s algorithm
we are able to add some musical flavour.

“The Chance of Music” played in ‘bgm’
will intend to make life and work a bit easier.
Of course,we beg you to ignore the music to come!

Wikipedia Furniture Music (at 05:30, 22 September 2018)

Wikipedia Vexations (at 13:51, 8 March 2019)

  • Satoshi Kawaguchi

  • Yasuyuki Tanaka

  • Yasuaki Takeda

  • Cristian Jover Costa

  • Planning /
    Satoshi Kawaguchi
  • Design
    Yasuyuki Tanaka
  • Programming
    Yasuaki Takeda
  • Translation
    Cristian Jover Costa


  • Hello
  • 1.
    After installing the app, connect your phone to your best speaker.
  • 2
    To change the mix within the same song, swipe down. To change the song swipe left or right
  • 3.
    Pick a name you like for your favourite sticking out tongue character.

Practical Guide

  • Time Signal
    bgm is also a sound clock. 1 time every hour you will hear a time signal at 00 minutes. If you count the ascending sound on each scale semitone you will know what time it is.
    ex. Sound at 4:00 PM
    ex. Sound at 9:00 AM
    Did you get it?
  • Use bgm remotely
    bgm can be remotely operated by accessing our Website and entering a passcode.
    You can use this app remotely with your computer without specifically reaching your smartphone.
  • Make your screen darker
    Dark Mode
    Perfect to use when sleeping or relaxing
    Background Playback is not available, sorry!

now on

  • 01
    Since it can get a bit repetitive, we want to include a function to automatically change the song every 20 minutes.
  • 02
    Connecting it with weather data to play the best music for that day at that location.
  • 03
    With remix and effects (filters, delay etc.), DJ with bgm.
  • 04
    Playing your own compositions of sound parts with bgm.
  • 05
    Listeners can give likes and react remotely
  • 06
    Listeners can participate remotely in the compositions
  • 07
    Getting even better mix algorithms through likes
  • 08
    Get nice musicians create tracks for bgm
  • 09
    Load your favourite minimal techno multi track into bgm to select music.